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Brainstorming Session (12-14 Oct 2019)

MACC has held brainstorming sessions aimed at updating the Vision, Mission, Objectives and Code of Ethics of members to be in line with current needs. In addition, the establishment of bureaus and the target activities of each bureau were also discussed.

Apart from the committee members also involved are staff from committee member companies such as from Property Maintenance, Juwara Resources and Q-Services to contribute their ideas and thoughts. The formula of the session is as follows,





Review of Expert Vision, Mission & Code of Practice

Review has been prepared

Must be included in the website and emailed to all members of the association

Hajah Azizah

Vois Wong


Bureau presentation for the 2020 program

Through set objectives

Prepare initiatives and presentations in the committee meeting in December

Ketua Biro

Hj Ahmad

Dato Zainal

En Ramli


Mr. Nik needs to email the MACC group to get feedback. Need to re -discuss with the Subcommittee 2 or 3 times.

Presented at the committee meeting in December

En Nik & Small committee


Standard Rate

It is recommended to use BICSc Benchmark and draft from Mr. Noruddin


Discussion in the Sub -Committee & presented in the December Committee meeting

En Nik & Small committee


Thank You Your Cleaner Day (TYCD)

MACC will get the participation of at least 100 people.

From the committee, members and customers


Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM)

Part of the Training & Development Bureau

Target 50 people a year and organize a Convocation by the end of 2020

Hj Ahmad

En Noruddin

Hj Faizal

Letter to the Minister of KPDNHEP

Prepare letters and delivery through Datuk Dr. Hj Radzali Hassan, MACC Advisor

The letter has been prepared and needs to be corrected

En Noruddin

Hj Faizal

Training conducted by MACC

Need to provide after-course payment scheme for MACC, trainers and others.

Provide a transparent scheme and approved by the committee

En Noruddin &



Archidex will conduct marketing and invite MACC committee members to participate

The meeting will be held on 17/10/2019 at the Q services office

En Noruddin

Eco Labelling

Preparing Templates from SIRIM

Needs to be discussed and emailed to SIRIM

Hj Faizal, En Nik

& Hj Ali (18/10/2019)

Minimum Wages 2020

Additional minimum wage from RM 1100 to RM 1200 in major urban areas

Proposed letter to the Ministry of Human Resources on the constraints faced by members of the association & meeting with KSM