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Brainstorming Session: Minimum Wage Issue RM1500

Responding to the members’ suggestions, the MACC Committee held a brainstorming session to discuss the actions that need to be taken following the declaration of a minimum wage increase of RM1500 effective 1 May 2022.

The session that was supposed to be held at the Mardhiyyah Shah Alam Hotel had to be moved to the Q-Services Sdn Bhd office due to lack of response from the members. Only twelve people, including the Committee were present for the session.

The President, Mr Noruddin presented a series of minimum wage declarations and press releases issued by Datuk Seri Saravanan and Datuk Noh Omar as well as the follow-up actions taken by the MACC.

The members present have proposed matters to be submitted to the government, to deal with the problem of raising the minimum wage,

  1. Employers are allowed to deduct workers’ wages from the foreign worker levy.
  2. The validity of the work permit is extended to two years. That is, work permit renewal is done every two years to ease the contractor’s burden.
  3. The 25% discount for levy payments introduced during COVID-19 has been extended.
  4. Cleaning workers need to be certified to raise their image and attract local workers.
  5. Classify cleaning contractors according to their ability to reduce contract wrangling.

The committee will refine the suggestions submitted and extend them to the relevant parties.