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Webinar ‘Changing Landscape of Cleaning: Driving the Cleaning and Maintenance Industry’ – 10 Nov 2020

The next webinar in the ‘Changing Landscape of Cleaning’ series, was broadcast online on 10 Nov 2020 with the title ‘Driving the Cleaning and Maintenance Industry’.

This webinar discusses the growth drivers of the building cleaning and maintenance industry presented by;

Moderator: En. Noruddin Hj Idris, President of MACC


  1. Mr Wong Yee Kong – Product Manager, Tennant, UMW Industries Sdn Bhd
  2. Mr Dhinaraj Das – General Manager of Duramax (M) Sdn Bhd
  3. Puan Hajjah Jamiah Jaafar – Director of Business Development, Harta Maintenance Sdn Bhd

The webinar was conducted by YBhg. Datuk Haji Mohamad Hedzir Shafii, MACC Treasurer.

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Webinar ‘Changing Landscape of Cleaning: New Normal’ – 19 Nov 2020

On 19 Nov. 2020 has aired an online webinar titled ‘Changing the Landscape of Cleaning: New Normal’.

A webinar discussing changing customer expectations and new approaches to clean-up work in particular the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak was conducted by,

Moderator: Tuan Haji Faizal Rahim Moidunny – Acting Vice President of MACC


  1. En Yap Lip Seng – CEO Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH)
  2. Mr Raj Kumar Mahful – Chief Technology Officer, Cleaning Innovation Center (CIC) Sdn Bhd
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Webinar ‘Changing Landscape of Cleaning: Global Prospect’ – 21 Oct 2020

Continuing the ‘Changing Landscape of Cleaning’ webinar series, titled ‘Global Prospect’ was posted online on 21 Oct. 2020.

Webinars that discuss opportunities to explore overseas markets are hosted by,

Moderator: En. Noruddin Hj Idris, President of MACC


  1. Datuk Dr Haji Radzali Hassan – Chairman of the Malaysian Franchise Association
  2. Hafiz Abdul Jalili – Senior Manager of Services Department, MATRADE
  3. Ir. Chandrasegaran – Assistant Vice President, Malaysian Shopping Malls Association (PKK)
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Webinar ‘Changing Landscape of Cleaning: Green Technology’ – 7 Oct 2020

On Oct. 7. 2020, MACC has held a webinar entitled ‘Changing the Landscape of Cleaning: Green Technology’. Among the matters discussed was the need for the cleaning sector to shift to green technology in an effort to preserve the environment, in line with the goals of cleaning.

The webinar is hosted by,

Moderator: En. Nik Husin Datuk Nik Yusoff – MACC Executive Secretary


  1. Danny Lim (CEO IMEC Hygiene Sdn Bhd)
  2. Arivagara Pavithran (Chairman of the Asset & Facilities Technical Committee, Department of Standards Malaysia)
  3. Mr Ismail Tim Abdullah (Head of Sales, Karcher (M) Sdn Bhd)
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Building Cleaning Techniques Course at UTC Ipoh – 24-27 Sept 2020

The Malaysian Association of Cleaning Contractors (MACC) has conducted a Building Cleaning Techniques course for staff and junior general employees of the Urban Transformation Center (UTC) Ipoh from 24 to 27 September 2020 at UTC Ipoh. The course was conducted by Mr. Noruddin Idris, President of MACC and Tuan Haji Ahmad Samri, Head of the MACC Training and Development Bureau.

Apart from the topic related to how to clean, also discussed is ‘Self-Esteem of a Cleaner’ to build self-confidence and eliminate the shame of working as a cleaner. In addition, safety aspects while working are also touched upon.

The course is delivered theoretically and practically.

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Webinar ‘Empowerment of the National Cleaning Industry: Current Chanllenges & Issues’ – 24 Sept 2020

Throughout the PKP, MACC has continued its efforts to help members meet the impact challenges of Covid-19 by holding a series of webinars; online seminars to help. Among the webinars held was the ‘Changing Landscape of Cleaning’ webinar series, conducted in collaboration with CIS.

Starting this webinar series is a discussion entitled ‘Empowering the National Cleaning Industry: Current Challenges & Issues’. The discussion was moderated by Tuan Haji Faizal Rahim Moidunny, Acting Deputy President of MACC, with panel members comprising Dato ’Haji Mohamad Hedzir Shafii; Managing Director of Juwara Resources & Trading Sdn Bhd, En. Nor Azman Amat Kalam; Secretary General of the Malaysian Quality Bathroom Association (QRAM) and En. Rozaini Nizar; member of the Malaysian Institute of Property & Facilities Managers (MIPFM).

Discussions revolved around the current challenges and issues faced by cleaning contractors and the need for members, contractors and customers to mobilize to strengthen the cleaning industry in Malaysia.

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GENERATOR Briefing by SOCSO – 23 Sept 2020

In an effort to help members revive their business after Covid-19, MACC held a GENERATOR Briefing by SOCSO in conjunction with the 26th Annual General Meeting of MACC held on 23rd September 2020 at the AC Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Puan Fadlina binti Adam, Head of Zone (Employment Services), SOCSO delivered a talk entitled ‘Recruitment Incentive Program and Training Program’ under the PENJANAKERJAYA Incentive Program. Under the program there are 4 incentives provided, namely;

  1. MyApprentice – Apprentice Incentive for employers who hire local job seekers as apprentices among school leavers and graduates.
  2. HireMalaysia – which consists of three categories of incentives namely,
    • Local Recruitment Incentives under the age of 40;
    • Recruitment Incentives for local employees aged 40 to 60; and
    • Incentives for Recruitment of local workers in vulnerable groups, especially the Disabled (OKU) and participants of SOCSO’s Return to Work Program
      1. Mobility Assistance-a one-off payment to employees through employers who move from the location of the job seeker’s residence;
  3. Training Program – provides retraining (reskilling and upskilling) based on the needs of employers and employees recruited under the #HireMalaysia category.

Next, Puan Farah Wahidah Anuar, Employment Services Officer, SIP explained about the registration method in MyFutureJobs for employers who need employees and people who have lost their jobs.

MACC will take follow -up action to arrange a recruitment program in the People’s Housing Project in collaboration with SOCSO.