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Discourse on the Challenges of the Cleaning Sector

In conjunction with the 27th Annual General Meeting, MACC has held a Discourse on Cleaning Sector Challenges on 25 May 2022 at the Mardhiyyah Hotel, Shah Alam

Discourse discusses among others;

  1. The role and responsibilities of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs are to regulate and assist the sustainable and viable growth of the cleaning sector.
  2. Issues and problems related to the implementation and compliance of Act 446 Minimum Standards for Housing and Employee Facilities.
  3. Issues and problems related to the recruitment and management of foreign workers in the cleaning sector.
  4. Local recruitment programs and incentives by SOCSO

Discussing related issues are Mr Muhamad Hanif Asa’ari, Director of the Trade, Distribution and Business Secretariat, Mr Wan Ismail Wan Ibrahim, Director of the Labor Standards Division, Department of Manpower, Peninsular Malaysia, Ministry of Human Resources and Mr Amirudin Safwan Abdul Samad from the Employment Insurance System, SOCSO. Officials from the Ministry of the Interior were also present as observers.

It is hoped that through this discussion both parties, the government and contractors can find a meeting point to implement and comply with relevant acts and regulations and the cleaning sector can continue to play its role in maintaining the cleanliness and image of Malaysia as a developed country.