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Discussion with JPK. Human Resource Campaign

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  1. MACC, led by the President, Mr. Noruddin b Hj Idris and the committee consisting of, Head of Secretariat Mr. Nik Husin b Nik Yusoff, Head of Membership & Complaints Bureau, Mr. Ramli b Usrak and observers from CIC Mr. Raj Kumar b Mahful visited JPK, Cyberjaya to discuss the issue of training of industrial workers.

The presence of the MACC Committee was welcomed by JPK officers, Encik Mohd Faisal b Ahmad, JPK Chief Assistant Director and Encik Nasron, his assistant.

Among the things presented by MACC are,

  1. SKM through Recognition of Prior Achievement (PPT) to workers in the cleaning sector is less effective.
  2.  Request an explanation of the recognition method procedure through the PPT program from JPK
  3.  National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) HT-070-5: 2012 Hygiene Operation Management (18-12-2012) HT-070-4: 2012, does not meet industry requirements.

After hearing the above, the JPK has categorized the matters raised above as follows;

For matters related to NOSS, the JPK requested MACC to make a letter and communicate directly with the relevant Division. This is because, Mr. Faisal is the party that manages the HEP program and matters related to NOSS are outside his jurisdiction.

However, regarding the evaluation and implementation method of HEP, the JPK has provided an explanation to the MACC as follows.

  • All candidates to be given recognition through the HEP program must be fully prepared for the purpose of achieving the true purpose of the HEP program itself.
  • The process for preparing the candidate is subject to the organization or individual wishing to obtain recognition.
  • MACC, as the organization that will be the party representing the players in the cleaning industry, should explain to the cleaning contractors in order to provide adequate training to their staff.
  • The cleaning contractor must ensure that the required period of work experience is met according to the requirements of the HEP program and the candidate is truly competent with the required level of recognition such as SKM level 2, level 3 and so on.

JPK informed, the evaluation period for candidates to obtain SKM through the PPT method is according to the needs of the relevant industry sector, as long as it is in accordance with the needs of the evaluation to be done and not necessarily within 8 hours only. It can be more or less than that according to the suitability of the evaluation method that has been set by the JPK and in the opinion of the evaluator.

The evaluation to obtain SKM – PPT can also be modified to be broken down into several series if deemed necessary.

The location to carry out HEP activities also depends on the MACC which is deemed appropriate to meet the objectives of the HEP program. The location, equipment to carry out the evaluation activities, the scenario of the evaluation area must be taken into account to ensure the effectiveness of this evaluation.

The HEP program to be organized must be applied for through JPK. JPK will coordinate a qualified Assessing Officer to carry out the assessment.

Currently, there is only one Assessing Officer who is qualified to conduct the assessment, namely Mr. Nik Husin b Nik Yusoff.