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Expo Clean 2019, Jakarta & Business Leader’s Forum – 12 Jul 2019

While in Jakarta, we had the opportunity to visit Expo Clean 2019 and follow the Business Leader’s Forum with the title ‘Technology & Automation in Commercial and Industrial Cleaning.’

According to Mr. Adi Permadi, President of Aeon, cleaning contractors cannot run away from adapting technology and automation for the continuity of their business ventures. This statement was also reinforced by Mr. Bernanto Soerojo from BOMA who stressed that the growth of skyscrapers requires cleaning contractors to use technology and automation to clean the buildings.

In addition, Mr. Bernanto also proposed that APKLINDO (Asosiasi Perusahaan Klining Indonesia) classify cleaning contractors according to their ability and expertise such as hospital cleaning contractors, malls, office towers and so on. Possible proposals may be considered by the MACC.

Mr. Bernanto also suggested a standard employee work coverage area, i.e. how much area per employee can be cared for; according to the type of building; shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals and others. This proposal is very similar to the ‘productivity rate’ issued by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) ’. Something the MACC committee needs to think about.