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In an effort to help members revive their business after Covid-19, MACC held a GENERATOR Briefing by SOCSO in conjunction with the 26th Annual General Meeting of MACC held on 23rd September 2020 at the AC Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Puan Fadlina binti Adam, Head of Zone (Employment Services), SOCSO delivered a talk entitled ‘Recruitment Incentive Program and Training Program’ under the PENJANAKERJAYA Incentive Program. Under the program there are 4 incentives provided, namely;

  1. MyApprentice – Apprentice Incentive for employers who hire local job seekers as apprentices among school leavers and graduates.
  2. HireMalaysia – which consists of three categories of incentives namely,
    • Local Recruitment Incentives under the age of 40;
    • Recruitment Incentives for local employees aged 40 to 60; and
    • Incentives for Recruitment of local workers in vulnerable groups, especially the Disabled (OKU) and participants of SOCSO’s Return to Work Program
      1. Mobility Assistance-a one-off payment to employees through employers who move from the location of the job seeker’s residence;
  3. Training Program – provides retraining (reskilling and upskilling) based on the needs of employers and employees recruited under the #HireMalaysia category.

Next, Puan Farah Wahidah Anuar, Employment Services Officer, SIP explained about the registration method in MyFutureJobs for employers who need employees and people who have lost their jobs.

MACC will take follow -up action to arrange a recruitment program in the People’s Housing Project in collaboration with SOCSO.