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The objectives of the Association are as follows

  1. To upgrade the image of the cleaning industry by creating professionalism thereby promoting healthy growth of the industry;
  2. To help resolve industry related problems jointly. example labor shortage, price war, bad paymaster, bad debts, incompetent suppliers;
  3. To study all aspects of contract cleaning with a view to co-coordinating and promoting the general cleaning development;
  4. To improve the standards of service, technical knowledge and skills of people who are involved in this industry by providing education and training through a diversity of methods, e.g. from lectures to publication, competition etc.;
  5. Researching management methods and proposing improved management technique to fellow members; collecting and distributing statistics and other information related to the cleaning industry;
  6. Advising members on solution to problems relating to the management of employees and workmen;
  7. Seeking representation on public and semipublic bodies associated with the cleaning industry ( e.g. Ministry of Environment );
  8. Representing members individually or collectively in dealing with other organizations, semi-government bodies, government departments and the like. Areas in which this related services may help members include contracts, finance, hire purchase etc., by furnishing letter of recommendation to those worthy of it;
  9. Resolving differences between members of the Association and acting arbitrators in disputes with third parties; and
  10. To regulate standard set of guidelines on costing standards for the cleaning contracts.

Objectives of the Association

Objectives of the Association