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Study Tour to Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta – 11 Jul 2019

The MACC Committee (at its own expense) as well as two flight ticket winners, went to Jakarta Indonesia to attend Expo Clean, Jakarta 2019. The opportunity to be in Jakarta was used to visit Kasablanka Mall, the largest multi -purpose complex in Asia.

Kasablanka Mall is part of a diversified development covering an area of ​​11.5 hectares consisting of office towers, serviced office suites, shopping malls, convention halls and condominium towers. The shopping center is 60,000 m2 in size, with over 250 store units.

Our presence was welcomed by Mr. Nur Rachmat; Assistant Manager of Operations of the City of Casablanca and Mrs. Rini who have accompanied us to visit the Mall as well as key places in the Mall such as the Mosque in the Mall and the Convention Hall who once received visits from the former President of the United States; Barack Obama.

What attracted our attention was the cleanliness of the entire mall, especially the toilet area and the surau which did not smell sour due to the damp carpet. From our observations, there is a distance between the ablution place and the prayer hall, which allows the soles of the feet to dry before touching the carpet of the prayer hall.

We understand that on each floor there are 3 employees guarding the lobby area and one employee for each toilet unit. Each employee has a tracking tag to ensure they do not leave their respective work areas. The average cleaning worker is under 25 years old. Employees are paid a salary in the range of RM1,200 per month and given training every week.

Its high level of cleanliness is due to the low coverage of the work area of ​​the workers, the workers who are very young; still active and energetic as well as training is given on an ongoing basis. Most important is the willingness of the building management to pay a high contract price for the best quality of cleanliness.