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Online Discussion Session with the Department of Manpower

On 25 January 2021, MACC represented by the Honorary Treasurer, Datuk Hadzir Shafii participated in an online meeting with the Department of Labor (JTK) and several government departments/agencies, related to compliance with Act 446. Also participating in the meeting were the Association of Restaurant Operators.

The objective of JTK is,

Obliging all employers to apply for Acknowledgment of Employee Accommodation online
Mandatory swab test
Comply with and implement act 446 without exception.
Dato’ Bendahari has voiced MACC’s views on the matter, including,

  1. The main thing that must be resolved first is the absence of a specific Ministry for the sheltered cleaning sector. The chairman of the meeting took note and submitted the issue to the Main Committee to take action and KPDNHEP may act.
  2. PATI calibration program where the washing industry is not included in the list – The Chairman informed and requested a letter be sent to KSM and KDN.
  3. MACC is ready to share its opinion and requests to be invited to the webinar session to be held by JTK.
  4. Swab test – As a result of the relatively limited Immigration process, many foreign workers do not have a current work pass sticker even though the levy payment has been made and this interferes with related matters including the swab test which needs to register workers into SOCSO. – The chairman is aware and will discuss this issue with the parent committee.